Free Autocad Exercises From Beginner To Advanced


myCADsite provides online AutoCAD tutorials both for new and expert users with really no registration needed. Tutorials are grouped into 4 levels: beginning AutoCAD, basic AutoCAD, intro to 3D & advanced topics. Each set of lectures is followed with a quiz to check your knowledge. You’ll also discover example CAD files and movies to accompany these HTML AutoCAD courses. To stay current on news & tutorials as they’re published, you may follow myCADsite on Twitter or Facebook.


Cadalyst delivers a vast assortment of AutoCAD & other CAD software lessons, tips and training tools. They have a comprehensive CAD tips gallery with films that teach students how to accomplish certain tasks in AutoCAD. For example, you may find videos illustrating three various ways to place a frame around the text in AutoCAD, how and where to scale something with a reference & so many more.


CADTutor provides free tutorials, tips & articles on AutoCAD, 3ds Max & linked software products. Not just that, but CADTutor can quickly help us connect with other CAD learners and experts their AutoCAD forums, that are a terrific free learning resource that can’t afford to miss out on.

Tutorial 45

This is just another should AutoCAD site have that on your list. Why? Tutorial 45 presents a compilation of free AutoCAD lessons containing practise exercises, listings of AutoCAD functions, 3D projects & easy to follow what articles. It includes all the basics users need!

Ellen Finkelstein

Ellen Finkelstein’s AutoCAD tips site is a big store of freeware AutoCAD tips, techniques & lessons arranged into categories which make it easy to access this extensive AutoCAD resource. Sift through the amount of categories that include: sketching, editing, text & dimensions, 3D, plotting & presentation, troubleshooting, AutoCAD customisation, and layers. With amount of resources accessible, you’re likely to find the aid you need.

AutoCAD Tutorial From Computer Aided Guide

Computer Aided Guide is basically a blog from all things CAD. Here you’ll discover all AutoCAD articles grouped into a comprehensive overview that provides for a nice free AutoCAD instructional resource that can bookmark.

The CAD Setter Out

The CAD Setter Out is the another site with all AutoCAD content organised in the AutoCAD tutorial category. To help readers & learners discover the specific AutoCAD tutorial they needed, the AutoCAD posts are further split down using post tags as AutoCAD creation, AutoCAD Edit, AutoCAD Document, AutoCAD Productivity,& AutoCAD Customization. provides a series of free AutoCAD courses, tips & techniques, and articles. The resources can stop there. You can find more free resources including such AutoCAD blocks, references, and more.


CadOasis offers various free AutoCAD tutorials especially designed to bring AutoCAD features to CAD users. So if you’re trying to gain a good insight of the essential on AutoCAD operations, here is the place to check out.


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